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Visual Experimentations

What is it like to connect audio reactive visuals with contemporary music?

These visuals were created by manipulating different elements in the computer programming generative software Touchdesigner.


In This Space, I Am Here... , JOAN TAN 


Four Reflections, CHEN ZHANGYI
Improvisations with Dancers
Vespers for violin and electronics, MISSY MAZZOLI
Through The Looking Glass (We Don't Have Enough Time), Steven Snowden


Video recording of Esplanade Exchange Event: 20 Sept 2021

Music Projected:
Skeleton and other works

See contemporary classical music in a new light through an amalgamation of live and prepared performances, complete with animated visual projections!


The set will feature works by Joseph Pereira, Missy Mazzoli, and includes the premiere of Skeleton for violin, percussion and electronics, composed by Chong Heng Li and Joan Tan Jing Wen.

12_Music Projected- Skeleton and other works .png


You've made it.


Welcome to the human world, skeleton. It was difficult, but you've made it.


Soon, skin will stretch itself across your cheekbones, hair will sprout from your scalp, and freckles and moles will form constellations over your face. Your bare, fragile skull will take on a protective mask.


Soon, you will have to experience life, and the manifold of vivid and singularly unique beings that are living it with you. Just like you, they too will have hopes and achievements, and will experience that flush in their cheeks, that light in their eyes.


But as they stare at you, with unreadable eyes nestling in the sockets of their skull — “eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase…”


— your own countenance feels threadbare, as though it might melt away into puddles of glue and torn bits of craft paper.


Have you actually made it? What have you even made?


But all of us are merely players, and the show must go on, mustn't it?

- written by Rei Lim

Foray into Faure

Junior Recital

Starts at 10:15

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